Chiropractic Visits


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Dr. Kam’s approach to chiropractic care is very unique. If you been to see a Chiropractic Doctor in the past, then this approach will be quite different from what you are used to! Dr. Kam takes a much more holistic approach to assessing and treating client conditions, focusing on getting to the underlying cause(s) of a problem. In addition to the traditional spinal manipulative therapy, Dr. Kam spends considerably more time working through a proper assessment, providing specific exercises to correct underlying issues, and applying various corrective techniques (based on the Functional Range Conditioning System).

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a system of joint care that is based on scientific research and involves techniques to improve mobility and expand range of motion. FRS can be beneficial for a wide variety of injuries and dysfunctions, including problems affecting any and all bodily tissues (such as muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, joints, etc).

By combining FRC with chiropractic techniques, Dr. Kam offers his clients a truly unique approach that produces results!


Initial Visit and Treatment (90 min), Follow-up Treatment (30 min), Follow-up Treatment (60 min), Follow-up Treatments (90 min), Complementary Meet-and Greet (15 min)