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Ultimate Spa Getaway

Hungarian Mud Wrap, Organic Hungarian Facial, Eco-Fin Luxury Pedicure, Nordic Lounge Experience (90min), Lunch & Drink ($25 Value)

Enjoy the ultimate escape with a full 5 hours of pure pampering bliss!  Your entire body - from the top of your head to the tip of your toes - will be rubbed and scrubbed to gently induce a deep state of relaxation.  You will also enjoy our Nordic Lounge experience that incorporates a circuit of hot (sauna and/or steam room), cold (cold shower mist), and rest to reap the numerous benefits that this Scandinavian ritual has to offer.  But wait, there's more!  No spa getaway is complete without a nourishing meal - choose from one of our freshly made lunches and tasty beverages that are sure to satisfy every taste bud.  This package will literally have you melting out the door by the end of your escape!  

5 hours + lunch $355.00 + HST Buy Gift Cert.
Organic Beauty
Eco-Luxury Escape

Classic Pedicure, Organic Hungarian Facial, Therapeutic Massage (60min)

Indulge in a full body therapeutic massage to ease muscle stress and strain. Next, relax in our Italian massaging pedicure chair while your toes are perfectly pampered. Finally, your experience will end with a facial that will leave you feeling and looking completely rejuvenated!

3 hours $265.00 + HST Buy Gift Cert.
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Sweet Retreat

Sweet as Sugar Scrub, Organic Hungarian Facial, Nordic Lounge Experience (60min)

Let every bit of tension slip away from your body as you enjoy our Sweet as Sugar full body scrub followed by our signature Organic Hungarian Facial.  Complete your retreat with a restorative hour in our Nordic Lounge.  Surrounded by zen-like ambiance, you will enjoy a circuit of hot (sauna and/or steam room), cold (cold shower mist), and rest (rest area) that will enhance your sweet retreat experience!  

2.75 hours $225.00 + HST Buy Gift Cert.
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Nordic Indulgence

Nordic Lounge Experience (90min), Lunch and Drink ($25 Value)

This package offers a perfect add-on to any other spa service or as a stand alone mini-escape! Enjoy 90 minutes in the zen-like ambiance of our Nordic Lounge - take your time going through the hot/cold/rest circuit and linger wherever your body feels the need to reap the most benefits.  Next, enjoy a nourishing lunch from our Green Leaf Café where you can choose from a range of freshly made, mouth-watering selections.  Savor the moment and enjoy this little escape from the stress of your day!

1.5 hours + lunch $70.00 + HST Buy Gift Cert.
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Rendezvous for Two - Spa Package

Classic Pedicures (together), Organic Hungarian Facials, Nordic Lounge Experience (90min), Lunch and Drinks for Two ($50 Value), Complementary Mimosas

Enjoy a little rendezvous with a friend or loved one!  Your pampering begins with a glass of mimosa while your overworked feet are pampered with side-by-side pedicures. Next, you will each be whisked away for our signature Hungarian Facial before coming together again for a 90 minute Nordic Lounge experience.  Complete your spa package with a cozy table for two in our Green Leaf Café where you can enjoy some quality time together over a delicious lunch and tasty beverage.  What better way to spend an afternoon!    

3.5 hours + lunch $485.00 + HST Buy Gift Cert.
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Zen for Men - Spa Package

Gentleman’s Hungarian Facial, Therapeutic Massage (60min), Nordic Lounge Experience (60min)

Enjoy total relaxation - because today's modern man needs an escape too! Every bit of tension will be massaged out of your strained muscles and your skin that has been aggravated by stress and overexposure to the elements will be rejuvenated.  But just when you think you can't possibly feel more relaxed - you'll have an hour to enjoy in the Nordic Lounge!  Alternate between hot (sauna and/or steam room), cold (cold shower mist), and rest for an experience that will have you returning again and again! 

3 hours $235.00 + HST Buy Gift Cert.
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Pampering for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage (60min), Organic Hungarian Facial, Lunch & Drink ($25 Value)

A perfect gift for the mommy-to-be. Relax on our specialty Prego-pillow as your aching muscles are massaged and your worries are left behind. Next, your “pregnancy glow” will be enhanced with an indulgent Organic Hungarian Facial. Feeling thoroughly relaxed, you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch and beverage before you leave, better equipped to prepare for your new little bundle of joy.

2 hours + lunch $230.00 + HST Buy Gift Cert.
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Create your Own

Create a customized package for any occasion (e.g., wedding, birthday, bridal party, or anniversary). Consult with our Spa Coordinator to assist in developing your personalized spa experience.

All prices are subject to HST. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash but can be used toward the purchase of any product or service offered at Ezentials. Gift certificates expire after 12 months.

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