The Ezentials Story

The Ezentials Story

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away (AKA Toronto!) – a naturopathic student dreamed of a 10,000 square foot comprehensive wellness centre that would offer everything to improve diet, lifestyle, health, and happiness all under one roof. This student spent countless hours stretching over the course of years, brainstorming with her husband, sketching up plans and researching possibilities.

When the “student” graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor, she and her husband moved back to her hometown of Sudbury Ontario. The “student” turned “naturopath” spent the next 16 years working in her small business in a small town (Hanmer Ontario) – all the while, continuing to visualize her big dream!The funny thing about dreams is that they have a tendency of remaining “just dreams” unless you actually take action. But taking action means stepping outside your comfort zone and sometimes taking big, terrifying risks! And this was exactly what had to happen for our “naturopath” if her dream was ever going to come to fruition!

Now let there be no misunderstanding here – the idea of creating a 10,000 square-foot wellness centre was no small feat for our “naturopath.” She did not come from a family with money or business tycoons to learn from. She was raised by a single mom who gave her all the love and support that any daughter could ever ask for – but money was always a struggle. So how could our “naturopath” raise the amount of money that would be required for such an ambitious project? This was just one of the countless obstacles she faced!

Fortunately for our “naturopath,” she had the unwavering support of her husband who was also willing to put it all on-the-line to see the dream fully realized! The two of them worked tirelessly over the next year … facing and eventually conquering each obstacle that threatened to stop them in their tracks. To say that they were “fearless” would be a lie! They had many sleepless nights and moments of pure terror! “What are we doing – are we crazy?” “What makes us think that we can accomplish something this big?!” And on and on it went! But between the moments of fear, they kept coming back to the original dream of an ultimate wellness centre that seemed destined to be created.

As all good fairy tales go, this one too has a happy ending. On September 23, 2019 – our “naturopath’s” dream becomes a reality! Almost 20 years in the making, our “naturopath” (who also goes by the name of Tracy Gilbert) opens the doors to her new 7,000 square-foot Wellness Escape and Eco-Luxury Spa known as Ezentials. You may have noticed that it is not quite the original 10,000 square-foot vision – but who’s counting! That will be for the next location

On a personal note

A few words from our founder Dr. Tracy Gilbert, ND:


“It is amazing to come to work each day to a centre that is entirely focused on health and well-being - one that I have dreamed about for so many years.  I feel very fortunate to have the ongoing support of family, friends, and clients who have helped in making Ezentials what it is today.  My wonderful husband, Rob, worked tirelessly around his own full-time work schedule to help with the renovations for our expansion into Sudbury.  And as for my incredible daughter, Lyla, she is my greatest gift!  You may see her from time to time at Ezentials, ‘helping’ mommy with work.  Will she develop a passion for my business one day? Only time will tell … but for now (at the age of 3), if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she will tell you, “A UNICORN!” Oh how I love her ambition!”

Isn’t it time to put You first?

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