Spa Packages & Gift Certificates

Luxury Hand and Foot Treatment

Eco-fin Luxury Manicure, Eco-fin Luxury Pedicure

Enjoy this luxury treatment that will leave your hands and feet feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. This package includes everything offered in the classic manicure and pedicure – but with the added benefit of an eco-fin hand and foot treatment. Using a moisturizing blend of shea butter, plant-based oils, vitamin E, and essential oils combined with heat – your hands and feet will be completely pampered.

2 hours

$117.00 +tax

Melt Away

Infrared Sauna session, 60 min Japanese Hot Stone Massage

Discover the power of heat to soothe away daily stress and tension. Enjoy the warmth of our infrared sauna followed by a 60-minute Japanese Hot Stone Massage to help you enter a deep state of relaxation.

1.5 hours

$115.00 +tax

Classic Beauty

Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure, Organic Hungarian Facial

Revitalize your hands and feet with our Classic Beauty spa package. This package includes our popular Organic Hungarian Facial that will leave you looking and feeling radiant.

2.5 hours

$175.00 +tax

Detox Delight

Infrared Sauna Session, Seaweed Body Wrap, Seaweed Facial Refresher, Take Home Gift (Value of $40)

Experience the wonderful benefits of pure Canadian seaweed to promote overall health and wellness. Begin to unwind and start the detoxification process with a 30 minute infrared sauna session. Next, your body will be completely nourished with cleansing, nutrient rich seaweeds. While you are wrapped in blissful layers of warmth, your scalp will be treated to a luxurious massage that is sure to ease away any lingering stress and strain. Your treatment will end with a body massage using our kelp lotion. Continue to experience the benefits of this treatment at home with a lovely take home gift. This is a package that is sure to delight anyone!

2 hours + Gift Set

$180.00 +tax

Gentleman’s Getaway

Gentleman’s Hungarian Facial, Sports Foot Treatment, 60 min Therapeutic Massage

An “ezential” escape from the pressures of daily life.  Enjoy total relaxation as your overworked feet are revitalized, your tense muscles are treated to a Therapeutic Massage, and your skin is soothed and hydrated with the help of our Hungarian Facial.

2.5 hours

$210.00 +tax

Earth Mamma

60 min Pregnancy Massage, Organic Hungarian Facial, Pregnancy Pampering Gift Set (Value of $45)

A perfect gift for the mommy-to-be.  Relax on our specialty Prego-pillow as your aching muscles are massaged.  Next, your “pregnancy glow” will be enhanced with an indulgent Organic Hungarian Facial.  Feeling thoroughly relaxed, you’ll leave with a special gift containing natural products to pamper and support a healthy pregnancy.

2 hours + Gift Set

$200.00 +tax

Head to Toe

60 min Therapeutic Massage, Blissful Body Wrap, Indian Head Massage Sampler, Classic Pedicure

Indulge in a full body therapeutic massage to ease muscle stress and strain.  Next, revitalize your body and mind with an ancient healing treatment – our Blissful Body Wrap.  While wrapped in blissful layers of warmth, your scalp will be treated to an Indian Head Massage and any lingering tension will drift away.  Your treatment moves from head to toe and finishes with a Classic Pedicure.

3 hours

$260.00 +tax

Nature’s Escape for Two

Shared Infrared Sauna session, 60 min side-by-side Therapeutic Massages, separate Classic Pedicures

Enjoy Nature’s Escape with a friend or loved one.  Together, you can unwind with a 30-minute sauna session followed by side-by-side massages.  Finish with Classic Pedicures to complete the experience.

2.5 hours

$290.00 + tax

Natural Indulgence

Natural Indulgence Facial, 60 min Japanese Hot Stone Massage, 30 min Indian Head Massage, Infrared Sauna session, Spa Gift Set (Value of $45.00)

This is our signature spa package and the ultimate in spa escapes.  Allow the therapeutic heat of the infrared sauna to melt away tension and savor the sensations of vitamin-rich pumpkin pureé on your skin as you are treated with a Natural Indulgence Facial.  You will also experience the healing properties of heated volcanic stones to induce deeper relaxation during a 60-minute Japanese Hot Stone Massage.  Following your massage, your scalp will be treated to the ancient practice of Indian Head Massage and you will enter a complete state of tranquillity.  But before you ooze out the door, be sure to pick up your gift package to continue your Ezentials spa experience at home.

3.5 hours + Gift Set

$315.00 +tax

Create your Own

Create a customized package for any occasion (e.g., wedding, birthday, bridal party, or anniversary).  Consult with our Spa Coordinator to assist in developing your personalized spa experience.

All prices are subject to HST. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash but can be used toward the purchase of any product or service offered at Ezentials.